Aren't you just ripping off Cards Against Humanity?

We prefer to think of it as following the proud Irish tradition of piggybacking off the ambition and enterprise of American firms.

Also, not only do CAH not have an Irish version, they don't even sell the original version to Ireland. So in the immortal words of Mary Robinson: "Ya snooze ya lose, dickheads!"

I want to buy Ah Here Now, but I'm really cheap. What can I do?

No problemo my parsimonious friend, just download the PDF version and print it. To really save money you can do this at work or at your parents house. 

Then you can play with your friends. And when they've finished laughing at your pathetic scraps of paper, you can man up an buy the proper version.

I have no friends. Can I still enjoy Ah Here Now?

Of course you can. Hostages, prostitutes and the voices inside your head all make for great playing partners.

Is it compatible with Cards Against Humanity?

It's not a fucking spark plug! But yes, the Cards are cut to the same dimensions so if you already play CAH, feel free to meld the two


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