How To Play

The Rules

Pre-Game: Prior to beginning the game, it is customary to have short wine and cheese reception, discussing the chief economic and political concerns of the day.

Step 1: Assemble a group of friends (if you have no friends, our FAQ page has some helpful tips on how to make some). Appoint one person to be the Chief Justice for the first round. Deal everyone 10 green cards.

Step 2: The Chief Justice draws one purple card (a question or fill-in-the-blank statement), and reads it aloud to the group in a commanding and distinguished tone, as is befitting of their high office.

Step 3: Everyone passes their funniest response, face down, to the Chief Justice.

Step 4: The Chief justice reads out each of the green cards (For best effect, the whole statement should be read for each response), and decides which one they judge to be the funniest.

Step 5: The person with the funniest response keeps the purple card and becomes Chief Justice for the next round. Everyone replenishes their stock back up to 10 cards.

Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 until someone reached a set amount of points OR you all get bored OR too drunk to continue.

At the conclusion of the game, it is customary to say a decade of the rosary, followed by the singing the national anthem (If you don't know the words to the national anthem, Maniac 2000 will suffice).


Drinking game

If you would like to use AhHereNow as a drinking aid, feel free to incorporate one or more of the following rules into the game*:

Passing Judgement: Winner of each round gives out drinks. 2-3 fingers per player, whether they distribute this evenly or all to one person is up to them

Topics: Everyone picks a topic (Sports, Politics, Sex, Religion) and drinks whenever a card related to that topic is played.

The Bastard: Each round, draw a random card out of the deck. This is the Bastard's Card. If the Bastard wins, everybody downs their drink.

*Or just drink your fucking drink! For christ's sake, your grandparents were able to get pissed without having some stupid game to help them.

Strip AhHereNow

Seriously? You're not fucking 13 anymore, if you want to see someone naked then seduce them like a normal person.


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