You are a bad person

Ah Here Now

What the hell is this?

Ah Here Now is a blatant rip-off of Cards Against Humanity fun new game celebrating the more wicked side of Irish humour.

How do I play it?

Couldn't be simpler compadre, just pick a purple card, and compete with your friends to find the funniest green card to answer it.

What sort of topics are covered?

All facets of Irish life are covered, from politics... Sport... Religion

I'm not completely sold

But wait, there's more!

In addition to being a laugh, Ah Here Now is 100% guaranteed to:

  • Increase both the frequency and quality of your lovemaking
  • Make friends and coworkers respect you 6.83% more
  • Make you 2 inches taller
  • Make you win €100,000 on your next scratchcard
  • Get you sick gainz in the gym

Packs also come with a free hug from the stranger of your choice. Just walk up, tell them you bought Ah Here Now, and throw your arms around them.



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