...and we're off!

So now seems like an appropriate time to kick off an auld blog.

Our Kickstarter went up on Tuesday afternoon you mad fuckers nearly took the door off the hinges trying to give us your money! We hit 20% funding inside of 9 hours and we've been tipping away ever since.

We're about half way through day 3 hovering at just under 4 grand.

In other news, we finally got around to setting up our twitter page. It took a while because our IT director, Fidelma, lost the wiffy code.

But give us an auld follow, we're @AhHereNowGame, and follow us as we put the hard-hitting questions to our political leaders that the mainstream media are just too scared to ask.

Like why won't they let the LUAS drivers have a measly 53% raise? Their job is hard, you know! They have to be able to stop and go!

Until next time, keep spreading the bad word!

AhHereNow déan trocáire.

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